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The Fractal Artists' Ring

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Fractal Tutorials

We all weren't born knowing how to make a fractal, let alone fractal art, so here are some links to some of the best tutorials on the net -- first-place billing given to our ring members, of course. :) If you have, or know of, a tutorial we should add to this list, drop us a line.

Tutorials geared towards specific generators will list those generators in parentheses.

Ring Members' Tutorials:
Dreampaint (KPT 5 Frax Flame)
Dwarvenkind's Fractal Progression (tutorial for kids!)
Fractal Desktop (Flarium24)
Hidden Dimensions Fractals Tutorials (Ultra Fractal)
T.C. Design - Eye on Design (taking a fractal from there to here)
third . apex . to . fractovia (ASCII fractals)
third . apex . to . fractovia (general fractal creation)
third . apex . to . fractovia (layering for novices)
Cynthia Lanius' Lessons: A fractals Lesson
Don Penlington (Fractint)
Doug Harrington (Tierazon)
Doug Harrington (Xeno Dream)
The FEUsers Mailing List (Fractal Explorer)
Fractal Music Lab
Gumbycat (Fractint)
JamesRSkemp (Fractal Explorer)
Janet Parke's Ultra Fractal Tutorials
Jonathan Allen's Disrupted Fractal Tutorial (Kai's)
Soler's Fractal Site (Tierazon tutorial)

The Chaos Hypertextbook

The Cubic Tutorial (Ultra Fractal)
The Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set
Tiera-Zon Tutorial
Ultra Fractal Helps & Tips

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